Rachel and David’s Proofread Wedding

Rachel and David were married in a joyous Delaware ceremony that incorporated beautiful Quaker-inspired elements.

Their Save-the-Dates reflect a shared appreciation for vuvuzelas, Washington D.C., and fun. The most important things I focused on while editing these were accuracy, spelling, and readability.

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Save the Date (front)
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Save the Date (back)

The beautiful initial-carved tree motif appearing on most of David and Rachel’s wedding materials featured below was created by South Africa-based artist Amelia Smith.

Along with ensuring there were no grammatical or factual errors in the paper goods, I helped make sure important logistical information was presented as clearly as possible, and provided a second (or in this case, third or fourth) pair of eyes to confirm that the images and text co-existed in a format that guests would find easy to read.  This included invitations:

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and their accompanying hotel information and RSVP cards:

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The most intricate element for me to edit was the interior of Rachel and David’s wedding program. In addition to presenting the order of events in the ceremony, the program included heartfelt notes to the couple’s parents, family, and friends; a remembrance of the deceased; a list of those participating in the wedding party; and a request to limit the use of electronics during the ceremony.

The inclusion of so much important information in one space required a careful eye and close attention to detail. (Accuracy covers every detail – from biblical citations of chapter and verse to the correct spellings of bridesmaids’ names.) Readability was also a crucial factor here:

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At the reception, guests found that Rachel and David had donated an item from Heifer International on behalf of each table. The couple placed cards on the tables to identify the donation (in this case, trees – for other tables, a pig, a goat, etc.) and explain how it would be utilized by the family who received it. Each card was unique and needed to be individually proofread for accuracy and to prevent grammatical errors.

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Donation card

(Please note: Some personal details have been redacted throughout to protect privacy.)

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